Significantly increase the service life of your motor bearings by reducing damage with CoolBLUE.

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What is CoolBLUE?

CoolBLUE acts as a common mode suppression choke that lasts 5 times longer than shaft grounding devices. This innovative technology absorbs high frequency currents that maximizes the reliability and productivity of your equipment.

Variable Frequency Drive systems create damaging motor bearing currents that cause equipment failure such as frosting, breakdown of lubrication and electrical discharge.

CoolBLUE’s non-mechanical inductive absorbers slow the frequency down to low levels for the highest reliability of your system by reducing currents between 65 – 80 percent!

Made from the nanocrystalline material NANOPERM®, this effective budget friendly alternative to Shaft Grounding Rings is new to Canada and now available at Continental Group!

Use CoolBLUE in all motors, including:

  • OEM manufacturers of HVAC equipment
  • All International Variable Frequency Drive manufacturers
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Pumps and fans
  • Wind, solar, and other renewable energies

CoolBLUE saves you time and money:

  • One-time installation within minutes
  • Never has to be replaced
  • Reduces maintenance costs by minimizing or avoiding unscheduled downtime

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