Whether you’re a big industrial leader or smaller business that packs a punch, you want the right professionals by your side. Our expert journeymen and engineers are standing by ready to assist you anytime, anywhere. We offer an impressive array of on-site technical services to protect, maintain and repair your valuable assets while you face minimal downtime.

Taking the steps necessary to protect your equipment today not only means increasing productivity, it also means minimizing the risk of major economical setbacks and workplace related injuries or deaths.

Partial Discharge

Our experts can help you minimize or eliminate the risk of partial discharge within your electrical equipment.

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PdMA Motor Testing

A comprehensive predictive maintenance program for your electrical motors will save you time and money.

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Protective Relay Coordination

Protect your electrical assets by installing protective relays on your industrial circuits.

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LV & MV Switchgears

Installing switchgears on your electrical equipment ensures efficient operation.

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Arc Flash Studies

Reduce the risk of arc flash by having our experts conduct thorough tests on your valuable equipment.

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