Partial discharge (PD) is an electrical spark that occurs across a portion of insulation between two conductors. It most commonly occurs in critical assets such as:

  • Cables and accessories
  • Instrument transformers, power transformers and bushings
  • Switchgears
  • Motors and generators
  • Capacitors

Minimizing or eliminating the risk of a partial discharge occurring within your electrical assets means protecting your investments and the future of your business. 

What causes partial discharge?

Partial discharge is the result of an electrical breakdown under medium to high voltage stress within a deteriorating or improperly installed insulation system. The breakdown can occur across the surface or within solid insulation systems, gaseous air pockets surrounded by liquid, or around an electrode in gas (corona activity).

Minimizing the risk

Continental’s team of highly skilled electrical engineers and technicians begin by running a series of screening and diagnostic tests to determine the quality of the insulation, your equipment’s health and its overall performance. The data generated from these tests will help you to monitor and protect your equipment effectively by identifying the potential need for repairs or replacements over the years.

An experience Continental specialist is committed to ensuring your valuable assets remain productive and protected for years to come. Call us now for more information on how we can assist you.