A comprehensive maintenance program requires going beyond testing for mechanical failures to include electrical testing. Continental Electric Motor Services is pleased to announce the latest technology in predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of electric motors and the circuits that feed them: PdMA’s Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE).

MCE System 3000

This is a battery powered, field portable off-line device which applies high frequencies to precisely measure electrical parameters. The data is stored in a digital format to inform present and future projections of motor conditions.

Having a relay installed will protect your valuable electrical equipment and the productivity of your business

What are the benefits to you?

  • Prequalify motors or to evaluate before and after repairs/cleaning
  • Identify out-of-specification parameters and facilitate condition-based repairs
  • Define problems, analyze data and isolate the root causes of failures

Your investments require testing, monitoring and maintenance on a consistent basis in order to avoid disastrous situations such as equipment or work place shutdowns. Call us today for more information on PdMA Motor Testing and how Motor Circuit Evaluation can help you.