What can You Expect when You Call Continental?

Immediate action with impressive results. From the moment you call us, our Continental experts are already working to diagnose issues, advise on short-term repair solutions and arrange for the safe transportation of your equipment to and from our repair shop. Our shop is open 24/7/365 and we can dispatch a 12-ton truck with a 2-ton picker within an hour.

Investigation, Diagnosis & Testing

Once the equipment is in our shop, we then investigate further to determine the best possible options to repair or service your equipment with speed and accuracy in mind.

After diagnosing and issuing an estimate, our team of mechanics and technicians will then conduct one or more of the following tests and services on your equipment following EASA and manufacturer specifications:

  • Core test before and after burn-off process; treat core as needed
  • Investigate functionality and condition of housings, bearings and shafts
  • Reassemble ensuring all tolerances, bearings, housings, end-play and critical mechanical fits are done
  • Repainted and plated as needed
  • Conduct load or non-load testing/electrical measurements
  • De-installation, installation, electrical wiring, mechanical centering or alignment or any other type of electro-mechanical assistance as required

Shipped Back to the Field

The equipment is then made ready for domestic shipment (international packing is available) with shafts blocked where appropriate and shipped either by our truck, an arranged carrier, or your courier to the specified destination.